Customized Asset Management Designed to Preserve Wealth.

Studies show approximately 80% of portfolio returns are derived from asset class and sector selection, while only 20% of returns come from individual product selection. At Csenge, we are mindful of this 100% of the time. The more we analyze asset classes and subsectors, the more optimal risk-adjusted returns can be generated for your portfolio.

Our mission is to participate when the markets are supportive of higher prices and hedge when market risks are elevated, allowing us to optimize your portfolio’s ability to best meet your goals.

Eric Caisse CFA®, CMT, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer & Partner

Our Proprietary Process Works for You.

Our approach to asset management is called Fusion Analysis and combines three methodologies: fundamental research, technical research, and behavioral science. On a daily basis, we can reallocate asset categories, track manager performance, negotiate pricing, and customize preferences for all investor portfolios. We continually strive to balance investors’ desires for growth with the need to minimize risk and reduce volatility. We believe it’s more important to avoid the big dips than chase the high flyers.

We are one of the few hybrid RIAs certified by the CFA Institute to have met their rigorous Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) year after year.

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Performance data is calculated internally using third-party investment record keeping and performance software and utilizes aggregated historical account internal rate of return (IRR) data of clients invested in each specific model and includes the reinvestment of dividends and income. While this source utilizes accepted industry conventions in its performance calculations, this data has not been audited by an independent third-party source and has not been prepared to meet compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).

The information contained herein, including but not limited to research, market valuations, calculations, estimates and other material obtained from Csenge and other sources are believed to be reliable.