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We’re here for you with the knowledge and tools you need as you grow your practice. In fact, we’ve simplified the path to building better businesses. If you’re looking to offer additional benefits to your current clients or transitioning from a broker-dealer to a solo practice, we can help you remain in the forefront while fully supporting you in the background.

Our unique point of view is that the industry’s long-time approach to delivering wealth management advice is broken and no longer works. Today’s professional advisors must meet three fundamental needs: simplifying growth and success, improving productivity, and delivering more client value than their competitors. We believe these challenges can be overcome through our three core pillars: continuous growth, exceptional client value, and having fun, all while being professional, innovating, and acting with integrity.

Our Nationwide Network of Advisors Is at Your Service.

As a member of our advisor network, you’ll be connected to our in-house specialists and counterparts across the country. So, you can share your best solutions and tap into the focused expertise of others, all in a collaborative environment.

To learn more, talk to John Csenge. He’ll be delighted to tell you how to take the next step.






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When you work with Csenge, you’ll get to the unmatched benefit of our powerful proprietary platform. Its unique design allows you to add capabilities as your offerings expand and your clients’ needs change. You’ll also have access to our wealth of partners.

Asset Management

We provide customized asset management that’s designed to preserve wealth using our Fusion Analysis approach. Our goal is to find the best holdings for your portfolio without biases. You’re free to shop managers, products, and individual securities to help deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

With 13 asset allocation models and custom-crafted asset allocations for specific situations, we have options to fit most investors’ needs.


From client brochures to asset management flyers to commentaries, Csenge offers a broad range of informative and useful materials to share with clients.

2024 Client Annual Kick-off Event.

See why clients enjoy our annual event. Held at The Tampa Club this year, the special event was both informative and fun with important information about the markets and investing, good food, and amusing entertainment.

2024 Marks 25 Years of Excellence.

Csenge Advisory Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Check out this tribute to John Csenge and Eric Caisse from some of the many clients, advisors, and employees touched by the firm’s commitment to helping deliver better financial outcomes.

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