Whichever path you select requires tax, legal, financial, operational, and risk management expertise. We can help you with the entire exit planning experience. We’ll help you plan so you can leave your company on your terms with complete control and maximum value.

Whether you’re years from exiting or seeing it in the near horizon, we should talk. Our business and strategic planning guidance will help you get where you want to go.

Identify your current level of succession preparedness with this quick, informative assessment.

Understand the nuances between the exit options.

Generate a step-by-step actionable report that outlines the option best suited for you.

Our Value Building system can help pinpoint marketplace differentiators, identify hidden assets, and spot potential risks. Whether you want to sell for a premium, or just know that you could, this system will ensure you have all the options for the life you deserve.

Get your Value Builder Score.

Discover when you’ll have enough income to last your lifetime.

Many founders struggle with how they left the company. Learn how you can exit without regret.

Thomas Jordan
Tom Jordan, Sr.

Founder and CEO of ExodusComplink/Half Retire

Exodus Complink

Roger Bedillion

Managing Director of Pennsylvania

Csenge Advisory Group

Sean Moneypenny
Sean Moneypenny

Wealth Advisor

Csenge Advisory Group

Scott Swiney
Scott Swiney

Managing Partner

Park Square Financial

Troy Young
Troy A. Young

Founder and President

Destiny Financial Group

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