Dan Christian Roehm (Chris) is a Certified Financial Planner™ offering tax, estate, and financial planning for owners of closely held, family businesses including farmers and ranchers.

Chris developed a unique process working with over 1,000 business owners in the last 15 years:

Know what you want

Inventory your assets

Learn what is possible

Lay out the plan


Review and revise, as needed

Conveniently, this spells KILLER, the perfect word to describe the process as in, strikingly impressive or effective (killer smile); highly effective and superior(killer fried chicken recipe); difficult or challenging (killer chess tournament); and killer as in extremely difficult to deal with, like a killer fastball.

In a previous career, Chris owned a legal software company which he sold in 2006. “As a Juris dealer I did the data conversion, installation, training and ongoing support for 300 law firms across Florida, Georgia and Alabama.”

“This makes me one of the few people in the world who ever made money off of lawyers,” Chris quips.

Outside of work, Chris has many interests. He’s been doing yoga for 20 years, refereeing rugby for 35, and loves skateboarding around the neighborhood with his 70-pound pit bull Toto.