Helen is a Communications, Operations, and Strategic Planning Executive, an MBA with over 20 years in technology, finance, and retail.  She has held various executive positions at Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), and leadership positions in the finance and retail industries.

During her ten-year career at HP she served as Chief of Staff and Strategic Planning leader to progressively larger organizations and progressively more senior HP leaders, including the Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales Operations, the Vice President of Global Real Estate, the Vice President of Strategic Business Partners, and the Vice President of Global Procurement for the Americas.  In these roles, she led all functions within the organizations including, operations, communications, strategic planning, organizational transformation and design, employee engagement, and employee development.

As a trusted advisor keeping a pulse on how the organization performs and feels, Helen utilizes her greatest strengths of innovation, drive, leadership, and ability to connect with people at all levels to bring about large improvements.  During her time in Global Real Estate, she increased customer communication satisfaction by 13 points year over year, and in every organization she joined, she consistently increased employee engagement scores by at least 10 points year over year.  She thrives on challenges, especially those which present the greatest risks and rewards.  Her demeanor and work showcase her passion and skill for effective communication.

Helen completed the Stanford University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, in addition to her MBA from Clark University with a double concentration in Management and Finance.  She also earned her Lean Six Sigma Executive Belt.